The DreamLaunch Tour presentation is a combination of inspiration and education. It incorporates information about aviation careers, aviation youth programs (similar to Boy and Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.) and how to achieve dreams. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Federal Aviation Administration, along with numerous other companies sponsor the National DreamLaunch Tour.

Jamail's mission: get youngsters in middle schools and high schools along the way thinking about careers in aviation. Embry-Riddle's partner in the tour is Careers in Aviation, an organization that seeks to raise young people's awareness about opportunities in aviation. Sponsors are Aeroshell, Cirrus Design Corporation, Bose, Cox Communications, Jeppesen, and Michelin.

"We're very happy to join with Embry-Riddle in bringing this educational opportunity to young people across America," said James Brough, National Program Manager Aviation & Space Education for the Federal Aviation Administration. "It's a perfect way to spread the news about the many exciting careers in aviation and that the industry needs talented young people."

The national tour officially starts every Fall and runs through Spring of each year. Jamail will speak to thousands of students and hundreds of educators about the aviation industry. Larkins will then fly to a different city, where he will visit schools, make presentations, and discuss aviation with students on a weekly basis.