"We really looked forward to Jamail's arrival and I have to say he did not disappoint. His presentation was very professional. The students were hanging on his every word. I sincerely believe that his visit impacted the lives of my students and helped them have a clearer understanding of following their dreams of becoming pilots and aerospace engineers."
— Rick F., Potomac Falls High School, Sterling, Va.

"Jamail's "hit the streets" type of tour is what it takes to reach out to those who don't believe great things are possible. While watching Jamail work it was obvious he was reaching quite a few students who had no idea the opportunities he spoke of existed.

So what makes Jamail different from other presenters? His youth touches those of similar ages and even those much older. His willingness to share his time, one of the most valuable commodities in today's busy world, with people he does not know is commendable. He takes time away from his studies, his family, and his friends to commit to those who need someone they can look up to, someone they can trust, someone other than an authority figure telling them how to live their lives. He fulfills this need in education wonderfully."
— Dave Moreau, Airport Duty Manager, Memphis International Airport

"You are an inspiration to people of all ages and race. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to be accessible.  I was very impressed with your patience with the children.  As I stated, they have been talking about you every since.  Ashley (the young lady who went up in the plane with you) is ready to take lessons. "
— C.G. - Vidalia

"You were fantastic and the parents loved you! So did the kids. If your ears have been burning, it's because folks are still commenting on your fabulous presentation"
— D.J.H.

"I had so much more to say but couldn't cut it down. You have really motivated my son. God Bless."
— M.A.B., New Orleans