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The Auto Pilot – February 2009

Catching Up with Jamail Larkins
The Auto Pilot – October/November 2008

BCA Fast Five
Business & Commercial Aviation – January 2010

Cessna Press Release
November 2008

Who's Next?
Inc.Magazine – October 2009

Print Publications
Breaking Down the Airport Gate

Pilot Magazine - September/October 2008
Jamail Larkins Appointed as Chairman of Board For Careers in Aviation

Press Release - January 2008
Dream Launchers

Lift Magazine - Spring 2008
The Spectacular Feats of Jamail Larkins

Brass Magazine - August 2006
Soloing At 14 Years Old

Pilot Journal - July/August 2006
Young Pilot Has Uplifting Story

Time For Kids - February 2006
Defying Gravity
(Part 2)
(Part 3)

Aero-news Network
Come Fly With Me!

October 31 2004 ed Paula Silverman Parade
The Sky's No Limit For This Daredevil

Cover Story AutoPilot Magazine
ERAU Sophomore on 'Letterman' Tonight

Daytona Beach News Journal
A Passion for Flying

April 29, 2004 by kathleen Fordyce
Miami Herald

Barnstorming Embry-Riddle Student's Mission:
Attract Youngsters to Careers in Aviation

Embry-Riddle On Line
Jamail Mentioned in Presentation to AOPA

October 21, 2004 by FAA Administrator Marion C. Blakey
Presentation to AOPA